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Nutritional Advice

Me: "Your skin looks so much better!
Client "I was about to write you a thankful email full of gratitude. Your expertise has been astonishingly healing and absolutely in point regarding what I need to eat."
Male client in Belgium

"I thought I'd tried everything for my headaches... but this has really worked. And I haven't had any of the winter colds I usually get".
Female client, UK

"My pain has gone and I have so much more energy and improved mood, I'm a better Mother."
Female client, UK

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Healing the Inner Child

"My entire life has been messed up because of my childhood"
I felt really empowered... I couldn't believe such a change could come so quickly!
(Female late 50's)

I just wanted to thank you for our session yesterday evening. I spent the whole evening with a smile on my face ... I woke this morning feeling so ridiculously light and happy.... I went for a walk in the woods early and a bright yellow daisy type 'weed' which reflected my sunny mood drew my attention and as I went over to look at it I noticed that on a fencepost maybe 10 feet away someone had recently painted the word 'LOVE' (I pass that way regularly and don't think it was there before) - I felt so loved that another tissue was required!
With deepest gratitude and appreciation.
(Female 60 plus)

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Releasing Karma

First Session:
Hello Tilly,
We had a great session last night and went deep! I fell asleep right after that feeling refreshed. In the morning I still had an anxiety, feeling unsafe. We might do another session to finish it up.
Second Session:
I'm stronger, powerful, confidant..... free.
Female client, Hawaii

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Zoom Sweet Lodge

It was beautiful and so powerful, Thank you.
Participant from Scotland

I'm so glad that I got to do something so lovely to celebrate the Solstice!
Participant from Wales

Thanks for organising "The Sweet Lodge" Tilly; It was a great pleasure to be a part of the ceremony and have a chance to speak and listen to a wonderful group of like minded souls.
Great work and look forward to being part of the next gathering.
Participant from France

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