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My Soul Purpose is Practicing Natural Healing, Living close to the Earth and being a Steward of Divine Connection

"To Walk in Balance is to have
Heaven (spirituality) and Earth (physicality)
in Harmony"
- Native American Wisdom

My Trainings in Shamanism, the Metaphysical & Spiritual Development are:
Community Facilitator - Openhand Foundation
Firewalk Instructor & Sacred Ceremony - Sundoor, California

Qualifications and Memberships
Diploma in Podiatric Medicine, Plymouth
Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition from The College of Naturopathic Medicine, Manchester
Member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners
Member of the Guild of Neuroflexologists

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How my work came into being

For many years I worked as a Podiatrist where I met thousands of patients and saw their lives unfold over time. I was often dismayed by the amount of “collateral damage” I witnessed in the prevailing system of healthcare. Frequently pharmaceutical drugs and surgery were the first or only choice for treatments, without any opportunity given to support the body’s innate healing abilities with targeted nutrition or traditional remedies. As a result I decided to found Crescent Clinic in Bridgwater, a centre for the public to access many practitioners offering a wide range of natural therapies. It was well loved by both clients and staff.

My life moved on as I became completely dedicated to spiritual exploration and self realisation; an incredibly healing time of awakening and reconnection. Eventually I gave up my day job, and embarked on a period of solitude and reflection followed by extensive travels. When I returned to England my lifestyle re-oriented to include organic growing, a vegan lifestyle, living in community, supporting vision quest type retreats and managing a Spiritual Retreat Centre for Openhand Foundation.

Eventually it felt like a full circle completed as I recognised the foundational role of nutrition in health, worked at Amchara Health Retreat supporting Detox retreats and decided to study Naturopathic Nutrition with CNM Manchester. I have a special interest in brain health and cognitive decline/memory loss/fatigue. I feel blessed to be offering a healing and supportive space for others to explore optimising health and to follow their Spiritual Quest.

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My own Spiritual Journey informs and enables me to facilitate the Inner Enquiry of others. I have extensive experience of journeying within looking for answers. After the untimely death of both parents at a young age, I felt the only sensible conclusion was to be atheist. However logic and reality are not always in agreement, and after about 9 years in the wilderness, a pre-awakening experience led me to investigate "the unseen world" and then into energy healing. More years down the line as I truly Awakened I was enthused by Shamanism, and became a Firewalk Instructor. I loved seeing people confront their fears; connect with Mother Earth and a sense of "All That Is" and leave with a sense of peace and wonder. Yet I had to know what lay beyond the Spiritual Awakening, what were the deeper secrets of the Universe? A synchronistic meeting led me down a much deeper "rabbit hole" and with the guidance of Chris Bourne, Open and Openhand, I would go on to have direct experience of the 5 Gateways of a human Spiritual Journey; Kundalini Activation; the challenges that Karma and Past Lives bring to this lifetime; how effects of an Opposing Consciousness pervades life on earth.

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Through it all I feel the guiding hand of the Universe.

I practice aligning to the natural flow and pay attention to the flow of my Soul.

Constant unfolding has carried through 30 years of "Walking the Path."

One is always an eternal student.

The beauty is miraculous..... The miracles are beautiful...

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I am a very grounded, "ordinary" person who has had many eclectic and metaphysical experiences. Where I have made sense of these over the years can often help provide insights into other peoples journeys. Through web video links I connect with people the world over who are pursuing greater health and wellbeing; a greater sense of self and are exploring their own deep questions on their spiritual journey. Whichever is your particular focus, I am happy to assist.

I work as Tilly Bud - Urban Shaman.

Tilly Bud was my "pet" name as a child; I now realise it to be my Soul Name and use it on a daily basis. I have been known for many years as Lesley Lord (my registered birth name) under which I have my qualifications and which I was using when I collaborated in the "5 Gateways" Documentary by Smiling Dragonfly and Openhand Foundation. Nowadays I ask to be called Tilly, and have it registered as my name under the Common Law Court.

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I am a Bridge between Worlds.

With open eyes and an open heart people can feel their own truth. Something worth honouring, and the place from which to live, make decisions and take action. As we hover on the brink of Corporatocracy & Technocracy, there is a strong parallel with the Hopi Prophecies carved into ancient rocks, showing two dividing paths for humanity: One of ever greater technological domination, which comes to an abrupt end. The other path is remaining close to Mother Earth and ultimately the path of natural progression for both Humanity and the Earth: that of Ascension to the next paradigm. What some refer to as "The Shift". It is time to choose between a natural evolution of Soul or be swept up in the global "New Normal" without realising what is really unfolding. I can offer insights to those exploring these subjects.

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The Hopi Prophecy Stone

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