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Naturopathic Nutrition Consultations

These offer:

  • A root cause approach to dealing with symptoms
  • Personalised nutritional recommendations
  • Individualised herbal remedies and supplement programs
  • Detoxification protocols
  • Investigations through laboratory testing where appropriate
  • Support managing chronic conditions & challenging life events
  • Self help steps to increase vitality and balance lifestyle

Common Reasons People Seek Advice

  • Symptoms either new or long standing. Such as digestive problems, food sensitivities, skin problems, painful joints, persisting recurrent infections, fatigue, cognitive decline, poor memory, poor sleep
  • Recent diagnosis of an autoimmune disease or something else
  • A desire to explore natural options for preventive healthcare, boosting immunity and positive aging
  • Adopting a compassionate diet (vegan) and confidence fulfilling nutritional requirements
  • Seeking a more grounding diet after periods of sudden or unsettling expansions of consciousness
  • An increase in family or work stresses

Charges and what to expect

Initial Consultation (1.5 hours)
Follow Up (up to 1 hour)

  • All Consultations are currently priced at £45,
  • The higher fee of £65 for a first consultation is currently waived until further notice

The Initial appointment involves taking a thorough health history from birth. You will leave with a verbal explanation of the way forward. A written protocol of recommendations will follow by email or letter within 5 working days. Any optional tests that would be useful are explained, along with suggested supplements.

Please have available any recent blood tests, letters of diagnosis, prescription medications or natural remedies being used. These can also be photographed and sent electronically.

Financial hardship

If you and your family are experiencing financial hardship, stage payments or a discount on consultation fees can be discussed.

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Neuroflexology - Rebalance and de-stress

In person appointments only.
Neuroflexology & relaxation (20 mins) £20
A short, very gentle treatment.
Brief stimulation of specific points on the feet in a precise sequence helps the person notice energetic changes in the body and
engage with a feeling of connecting more deeply with self. Recommended as a series of six treatments.
Tip: Can be given as a calming introduction to the Naturopathic Consultation for nervous or stressed individuals.

Consultations. Labyrinth walking

Starting or furthering your Spiritual Path

Are you are on a mission to find your truth?
Would a non judgmental space to be honest and share your thoughts, hopes and fears help you?
Is your spiritual life is becoming ever more important to express and understand?

One to one sessions available to hold space for your explorations. When invited I may offer reflections from various philosophies I am familiar with and understandings gained during my own journey.
Ask to book a session, or have a free exploratory chat.

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Soul re-Connection Sessions

Spiritual, Mental and Emotional aspects of our make up affect our state of balance. The nature of the Soul and how to connect with deeper aspects of self is all about feeling in truth and making honest inner enquiry. As an experienced guide I can often assist or catalyse this process. A growing sense of rightness accompanies each breakthrough as Soul re-integrates. Understanding the natural flow of the Universe and our place in that as part of a bigger picture can be explored too.

Consultations. Inner Child Female

Healing the Inner Child & Inner Teenager

No matter how old we are, if we have unresolved pain from our early years, it will still be adversely affecting our adult life. Fortunately, with a willingness to re-visit the past, these stuck and suppressed emotions can be released and a sense of freedom finally attained. This is not usually as lengthy a process as one might think.

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