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Events & Group Work. Nat Am sweat lodge

VIRTUAL EVENTS NOW OPEN Bringing the Native American sweat lodge to the Zoom space.

This is a really exciting time, I feel calling to bring the essence of this ancient tradition to people all over the world via video link. A great deal of guidance on how best to do this has been received, the full support of the Ancestors is palpable. if you would like to join in this unique opportunity, contact me for details.

Planned dates:
Sunday 20th December 2020
Sunday 14th February 2021 - Special Twin Flame Event
Saturday 20th March 2021
Sunday 21st March 2021

*Please register your interest for future dates so the level of interest can be served*

Events & Group Work. laughing buddha back garden (old)

Sacred Ceremony

Throughout millennia, the soulful journey has been deepened through sacred ceremony.
Not a prominent part of a western lifestyle, lets give a chance to gather, focus and engage the heart in modern interpretations of ancient practices which unite us with the goodness and beauty of life, connected to "all that is."
Various gatherings will be offered as it becomes possible to gather again.
I am innovating creative ways to connect in Ceremonial fashion through Zoom. Details will be posted as available. Zoom is very easy and only takes a short time to get used to.

Events & Group Work. Cherokee Blessing

Shamanism for family groups including children.

Whatever happens, we must retain our sense of adventure and curiosity. Using Native American influences, indoor and outdoor activities, let our feet walk us in new directions. So come travel the ancient boundaries of the natural and metaphysical worlds. Embrace beauty, the seasons, the elements, the cycles of life. Bring your honesty, curiosity and a warm heart . Get closer to nature and to each other. This alchemical path is our birthright. Don't let it pass you by, be prepared for things magical and miraculous to enter your life!

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