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Healing past hurts by hearing the Soul speak

Pretty much any situation can be helped by your own inner wisdom. I will help you access it with deeply alchemical energy work, in a gentle and caring way, with complete confidentiality.

  • Sessions with meditation and regression help release suppressed emotions, karmic pain, and self limiting beliefs; inviting you to live a more fulfilled, Soul led life.

  • The Mind becomes free from expectation and a desire to control
  • Emotions settle as painful events are honoured and released
  • The Spirit or Soul is re-discovered where previously dis-connected

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Reasons for Diving Deeper into a Holistic exploration of Mind, Body and Soul

We are not just a physical body, though many of us spend a lifetime believing that we are. At some point there comes an opportunity to explore beyond the physical. There are a multitude of reasons to start or further your journey:

  • A serious illness, a bereavement, a sudden shock or challenge
  • A need to look for a deeper meaning or to question long held beliefs
  • Hidden fears and pain can no longer be suppressed, its just too hard to keep it all bottled up
  • There's a sense of being stuck or going round in circles
  • Questioning ideas like energy, karma, past lives, ascension, paradigm shifts etc.
  • Feeling a need for something more tangible than wishful thinking.

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